Brayden Schenn Scores First NHL Goal

Standard Spin: Schenn was the consensus favorite for Rookie of the Year prior to the season, but things haven't exactly panned out for owners that selected him.  Schenn began the year in Adirondack before breaking his foot, and then suffered a concussion two games into his return, which cost him another 9 games.  He's finally healthy and in the Flyers' lineup, and he bagged his first goal of the season in the Winter Classic on Monday.  The Calder Trophy is clearly out of the question at this point, but we still think the talent is there for reasonable production in the 2nd half and that limited ice-time is his biggest hurdle.  If another owner gave up on the kid, and if you need a rookie or a long-shot bench player with some upside, Schenn is worth a roll of the dice.  (Jan.2)