Byfuglien Resumes Skating

Standard Spin: Jets' D-man Dustin Byfuglien is one step closer to returning from the knee injury that has had him out for the last month, as he skated with teammates for the first time Friday.  He's still not able to practice, but the fact that he's resumed skating is a sign that he's making steady progress.  

Jets coach Claude Noel told the Winnipeg Free Press Friday that Byfuglien may join the team on their upcoming road trip.  "We're trying to toss around bringing him with us, to get him on the ice and get going," said Noel.  He went on to discuss Byfuglien's chances of an appearance at the All-star game, saying, "My preference would be that we make sure he's 100% or close before he takes part in the All-star game.  He needs to play with us (in a game) first." 

So by the sounds of it, fantasy owners will most likely have their stud defenseman back at their disposal following the All-star break, with an outside chance Byfuglien could return before that.  (Jan.20)