Ference Factors Large in OT Loss

Standard Spin: Andrew Ference (1G, 1A) was in on every Boston goal Saturday, and unceremoniously factored in on the Rangers' OT gamewinner after being ejected from the game for his hit from behind on Ryan McDonagh.  The Bs went on the PP and Marian Gaborik (2G) sealed the deal with his 25th in the extra frame.

Regarding the hit, NHL.com reports that Rangers coach John Torterella had this to say following the game: "It's one of the most dangerous hits I've seen in a while. . . . And nothing has to be said as far as what should be done. I'm not going to play that. But it's a pretty easy call as far as I'm concerned."  The consequences for his actions: a 3 game suspension from the Shannahammer.

Ference's statistical performance - especially from a roto perspective - was hefty: 1G, 1A, 3 shots, 15 PIMs. (Jan.22)