Solid Comeback Season for Streit

(3/16/12) Mark Streit missed all of the 2010-11 season thanks to a shoulder injury he suffered in the preseason.  Going into 2011-12, there were some question marks for fantasy owners regarding how Streit would fair after being out for such a lengthy period of time.

Well, the verdict is in and it's not too shabby.  Streit may not have regained the same stature he displayed from 2007-2009, when he recorded totals of 62 and 56 points, but with 39 points so far in '11-12, and with 11 games still to go, Streit is within striking distance of the 49 points he put up in the year before his injury.  He's currently riding a 3 game point streak (4A).

It's that time of year again when keeper league GMs are weighing the pros and cons of keeping their roster together, and certainly Streit is one of those D-men that does not make for an easy decision.  Our advice: with the Islanders improving, and with John Tavares looking like the next Steven Stamkos, we think Streit and the Islanders as a whole experience a bump in production in the coming season.  At 34 for, he is definitely aging, but in 2012-13 we would be willing to take another kick at the can with Streit if our keeper roster is somewhat bare at the backend.