Parros Drops 'em, Dorsett Rocks 'em

George Parros is in the midst of a down year as a fantasy enforcer, but he dropped the gloves with Matt Kassian Tuesday, earning his seventh fight of the season.  He's cracked the 20-fight plateau four straight seasons, but it looks like that streak is coming to an end.  It's partially due to injuries, but this was his first fight in his last 15 appearances, and he hasn't been as quick to throw down as of late.  If you have Parros as your enforcer, we'd still hold out hope and keep him in the starting lineup in spite of his struggles.  He's getting his standard five-minutes of ice-time per game, and Parros has no illusions about his role.  This is hopefully a sign things are getting back to normal.



At the other end of the spectrum, Derek Dorett is having a fantastic year.  He took on B.J. Crombeen Tuesday, and he sits tied for third overall with 14 fights.  He basically got his ass kicked here, but he redeemed himself by scoring the game winning goal in the 2-1 Columbus win over the Blues.  Dorsett's strength is definitely as an enforcer, but he's no goon - it was his 10th goal on the year.  (2/15/12)