Avery Announces Retirement

(3/15/12) Sean Avery announced his retirement Monday night by making some comments on the Bravo TV talk show "Watch What Happens Live."  The Rangers and the NHL still haven't gotten official wind of it, but the announcement is consistent with the way Avery tends to do things - with a touch of flair.  Avery's career has spiraled for some time, although he surprisingly got his act together this year, and the Rangers even had him in the lineup for a few games, before tiring of him and sending him back down to the AHL.  Since then he has been suspended for what ESPN.com is calling "disciplinary reasons."

Will he be missed?  Did he get a fair shake in New York?  Should this have happened years back?  Let us know what you think in the Fantasy Hockey Standard Forum.  Here's TSN's classic, "Sean Avery Top 10" if you need something to write about: