Prust, Thornton Catch Konopka for Most Fights

(3/5/12) Zenon Konopka was running away with the league lead in PIMs and fighting majors, but the Sens benched him for a recent eight game stretch, opting for a more skilled lineup.  Konopka has been back in action the last three games, but his absence allowed several other enforcers to catch up - Brandon Prust and Shawn Thornton are now tied with Konopka with 17 fights, and Derek Dorsett leads the league in PIMs.  

It will be interesting to see how it plays out in the final month.  If Konopka regularly draws into the lineup, expect him to retake the lead and retain the fantasy heavyweight crown.  If not, we'll put our money Prust.  He's been consistently piling up fights, and he's good enough that he doesn't have to worry about being benched for any critical games.  Here's his fight from Sunday against Milan Lucic.  Prust takes the worst of it, but this just illustrates his courage to take on anyone.