Fantasy Update: Shane Doan, CBA

(9/7/12) Interesting developments in the NHL's sub-plot to the ongoing CBA saga: Shane Doan has agreed in principle to sign with the Phoenix Coyotes, but there's a catch.  It's contingent upon current negotiations with Greg Jamison to buy the team.  Doan is confident that Jamison will be successful with his purchase plans.  Jamison has the will, he has the money, but due diligence is currently underway.  Doan is the ultimate homer. 

On the labor dispute front: it's debatable whether or not the NHLPA is taking the current Sep. 15th deadline seriously.  A recent article published by USA Today has NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr asserting that the players are taking the date to heart, but in having to say so the fact is immediately in question.  The NHL's Deputy Commish Bill Daly recently commented that perhaps the players are not all that serious; however, he himself is quoted as referring to his latest round of talks as going for a beer and dinner with Steve Fehr, the NHLPA's #2.

All told, it feels like everyone involved isn't treating it like a big deal and, therefore, we probably won't hear any heavy rhetoric until we pass by what should be the regular season opener of Oct. 11th.