Getzlaf, Ryan and Perry Finally Dominate

Standard Spin: Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf have been two of the greatest busts of the 2011-2012 NHL season... so far.  But, on Friday night they finally woke up the goal judge, combining for 3 goals against the Islanders.  Corey Perry had 2 assists.  It was Getzlaf's first points in 7 games and first goal since Dec. 4th - 13 games ago!  While Ryan now has 5 goals and 6 points in his last 5 games.

So, can the Ducks - and specifically Getzlaf - get it going?  The reality is that with just 7 goals and 26 points on the season in 39 games, it looks like it's going to be an off year for Getzlaf.  However, it can't get any worse than it has been, and perhaps the Ducks are about to pull a repeat of last year, when they raced from the bottom of the Western Conference barrel all the way up to the 4th seed going into the playoffs.  Remember Corey Perry is last year's Hart Trophy winner.  All he needs is his two dynamo linemates to heat up and the entire roster could explode.

Getzlaf could certainly start turning it on, and if you have the room to take a gamble on him - that is, to "buy low" in a trade - we wouldn't be opposed.  Remember, he had 76 points last season and has 441 points in 469 career games.  If it weren't for this season, he would basically be a career point-per-gamer. (Jan.7)