Lehner Finally Loses; Bishop's Entrance Possible

(3/3/12) We've been following the developments in Ottawa closely ever since Craig Anderson sliced himself up in the kitchen over a week ago.  Alex Auld got a shot to be the starter (hardly), then the Sens traded for Ben Bishop, and after that Lehner picked up two successive wins including a shutout.  But now that he has lost, we suspect Bishop is going to get a shot.  

Last year the Sens brought in a couple goalies to compete for the starting job, so the organization has a tendency to do this sort of thing.  Our sense is that Bishop is going to be called up for a start sooner than later, although we also have a gut feeling that Auld is the team's best option until Anderson returns - the timing of which remains a question mark.

Of note: Ray Emery took the win in place of Cory Crawford.  Emery is now 13-8-2 in 27 games - a thorn in the side of Crawford owners.