Optimus Reim Shuts Out Pens

Standard Spin: James Reimer got a little help from the goalposts Wednesday, but he stopped 25 shots and earned a 1-0 win over the Pens, his first shutout since opening night.  

This might put a bit of a kink in the fantasy situation here, as Jonas Gustavsson still has a tentative hold on the #1 job in Toronto, but considering his part in the 3-goal third period meltdown against Pittsburgh in Tuesday's game, and now Reimer's strong performance here, the situation could easily reverse itself with little warning.  If Reimer has another good game and Gustavsson puts up a stinker, expect to see Optimus Reim back in the driver seat.  If you're rolling with the Leafs' goalies, make sure you've got the two of them handcuffed.  (2/2/12)