Quick Has Canucks Reeling

(4/16/12) Looking outside the Fantasy Hockey Standard headquarters here in Vancouver, there's a noticeable pall over the entire city.  It's dark, it's raining, and the mood is somber.  

To the Canucks' credit, they played hard last night with the intensity of a team that did not want to lose.  They out-shot the Kings 41-20 and brought wave after wave of attack, but in the end Jonathan Quick was impenetrable.  Cory Schneider was also excellent for the Canucks, but the Kings capitalized when Dustin Brown buried an easy rebound mid-way through the third period, and then Quick did the rest to earn the 1-0 shutout win.

So can the Canucks still bounce back and salvage what's left for fantasy owners?  Maybe.  But seriously... no.

Joking aside, anything's possible, but we don't like Vancouver's chances at this point.  The gaping hole left by Daniel Sedin is becoming more and more obvious as the team struggles to generate offense, and it feels like the Canucks got a little ahead of themselves looking at just how high that mountain is they need to climb.  

Not to mention, give some props to the Kings.  LA has played a perfect series thus far, forcing Vancouver out of their comfort zone and turning each game into a defensive battle.  The Kings have adapted their game for playoff success and it's paying off, whereas the Canucks haven't been able to flip the switch.