Reimer, Gustavsson Tanking; Wilson to Blame?

(2/26/12) It hurts us to write this article because we are big James Reimer fans, but there is no denying the goaltending woes in Toronto these days.  Yet, how can a pair of goalies - who both have played as well as they have at different times over this past calendar year - suddenly be so bad? 

In our opinion the reason is Ron Wilson.  This guy needs to shove another piece of pie in his pie hole.  He's acting like Mike Keenan, raking his goalies over the coals in the media before and after every game, outright blaming the duo for the Leafs' current slide.  We can't help but recall Wilson's comments at the end of last year when Reimer was red hot, when he questioned Reimer's ability to perform as a full-time NHL starter.  It's as though the coach has never heard of a self-fulfilling prophesy.  We get it, Wilson is currently attempting to motivate his goalies by calling them out, but he is walking a fine line and, by doing it in the media over and over again, he's crossed over to 'the dark side' of coaching.

From a fantasy perspective, Reimer and Gustavsson should definitely be pulled.  The Leafs are tanking it and fingers are being pointed in the fishbowl that is the Toronto hockey media.  Reimer is 2-5 since posting back-to-back shutouts in early February, and Gustavsson - who looked like he was about to be crowned as the Leafs' starter, is suddenly 0-2-2 with another 2 indecisions in his last 6.