Gomez Returns, Bourque Excited

Standard Spin: Scott Gomez returned to the Montreal line-up Saturday after missing 21 games with a serious groin injury.  Gomez's fantasy value has fallen through the floor over the past two seasons (basically since joining the Habs) and his return is somewhat irrelevant, unless you think he has it in him to turn his rapidly declining career around.  He shifted to the wing and played with Plekanec on Saturday and managed to record only one hit and one blocked shot on the stat sheet.

Rene Bourque meanwhile is excited to be playing for the Habs and hopes to "play out his contract" there - as reported by The Hockey News.  Bourque is having a down-season himself.  While his goal total is respectable (13) he only has 3 assists and has missed two stretches now due to suspension.  He will probably score a few goals in his first few games, but he suddenly could be hard pressed to reach the 25+ goal mark, simply because he is playing for the Canadiens - which is apparently where fantasy production goes to die. (Jan.15)