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Fantasy News: J. Quick, the CBA, Pacioretty, Lilja

(8/15/12) It's pretty quiet on the fantasy news wire these days, but there are a handful of recent developments of which owners should take note.  

First, Conn Smythe winning goalie Jonathan Quick underwent a "minor" procedure on his back to clean up disc fragments and remove a cyst last week.  He'll need an estimated six weeks to recover, which puts him back about a week prior to the start of the regular season.  At worst he'll miss a couple of starts and it's not the type of thing to linger, but his conditioning will no doubt be affected.  Quick won't be able to work out for the next few weeks, and he may not be able to participate in training camp or the preseason.  It's not a enough to drop him very far down your draft board, but be aware that he could start slow while he shakes off the rust.  That said, considering the way he was playing the last time we saw him, it shouldn't take him long to get his footing if he stumbles out of the gate.  And, not that we'd ever wish for this, but it would be a situation where a player benefits from a delay to the season in the event of a work stoppage.  

Speaking of a possible lockout, the NHL met with the player's association Tuesday and things seemed fairly cordial at the end of the session.  The NHLPA presented its initial proposal to the league (the league previously submitted its own proposal), and the two sides will meet again Wednesday for further discussions.  There's little information on the specifics of the players' offer, but the general sense is that they seem willing to be flexible in conceding some of their percentage of the revenue share, which is the key issue for the owners.  However, they're pushing back for other concessions, like a more aggressive revenue-sharing system amongst the large and small market teams.  For now, it's a good sign that the two sides are meeting and publicly saying the right things, and there's reason to remain optimistic.  



(For a full analysis of the key issues, along with a look at the special considerations and impacts for fantasy owners, check out our CBA Report in the 2012-13 Draft Guide.)   

A few other contract and injury notes: Max Pacioretty signed a six-year, $27 million extension with the Habs.  And goalie J.S. Giguere inked a one-year extension with the Avalanche worth $1.5 million.  

Meanwhile, the Flyers defense just keeps on taking hits.  This offseason the team lost Matt Carle to free agency (TB), Andrej Meszaros to a torn achilles, and now the latest: Andreas Lilja underwent hip surgery over the weekend and is likely to miss the first month or more of the season - Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said he expects Lilja back in late October or early November.  (If you're wondering about Chris Pronger, he's still battling severe concussion symptoms and his career remains firmly on hold.)  Philly did add Luke Schenn via the James van Riemsdyk trade, but overall the back end is shaping up as a potential weakness, especially from a fantasy perspective.