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THURS Injury Report: Hossa, Hanzal, Aucoin, Fraser

(5/17/12) In today's injury report we'll take a look at players currently banged up during the third round action, and we'll also check in on the status of Marian Hossa

First, Kings forward Colin Fraser missed Game 2 due a personal family matter, and he's out of action for the same reason again tonight.  And once he is ready to play, he might find himself watching from the press box - Fraser had drawn into the lineup thanks to an injury to Kyle Clifford, who has now returned, so his window of opportunity may have closed.

Meanwhile, Coyotes defenseman Adrian Aucoin missed the last two games due to an undisclosed injury.  He skated today but remains doubtful for Game 3 tonight.

As well, Martin Hanzal is inactive while serving a one game suspension for this hit on Dustin Brown during Game 2...



Over the last week we've been looking at a handful of players with injuries that may linger and affect fantasy rankings next season.  Continuing with that theme, let's check in on Marian Hossa, as the Hawks forward is slowly recovering from the devastating concussion he suffered during the first round.  

Hossa told reporters last week that he's "feeling better but still not feeling myself, so it's going to take some time... step by step, I'm getting better."  

It's a pretty standard answer, and Hossa admits to still having symptoms, but it does feel good to hear positive words from the horse's mouth.  

As for next year, it's really too early to speculate.  Most players who suffer a concussion DO return within several months, but there are always the exceptions.  It's good news that he's progressing, but whether or not Hossa suits up during training camp will determine just how much we need to be worried...

Crosby's situation is fresh in everyone's mind and will no doubt scare some owners completely off, but the other player who suffered a memorable concussion from last season - Max Pacioretty into the stantion courtesy Zdeno Chara - ended up returning without any ill effects and posted a breakout season.  It's worth remembering that it really can go either way.

Probably the biggest risk with drafting players coming off of a concussion is the heightened risk of re-injury.  Assuming Hossa is cleared for contact and full speed come September, we'll rank him down slightly to represent that risk, but we won't bump him down too far.  If he isn't cleared for contact or if there's any doubt through the preseason - as we saw with Crosby - we'll be bumping him significantly down and likely recommending our readers pass on him altogether.  

So for now, the good news is Hossa is feeling better and better.  And the bad news is... we still really know nothing.

That's it for today.  There isn't a whole lot of activity on the injury report these days, so we'll continue featuring players off and on through the offseason to keep up to date on players as they recover through the summer.