Top Prospect Yakupov Suspended

Standard Spin: Nail Yakupov has been suspended by the OHL for skipping the CHL's annual top prospects game.  Although he is recovering from a knee injury, he had played in Sarnia's previous 3 games and the CHL thinks he should have been there.

Our opinion: it's a slap on the wrist, but it is still too much.  This guy is the NHL Central Scouting's top North American prospect, and the CHL's annual top prospects game is no all-star game.  It's a meat grinder in which players run the risk of injury.  If the guy wasn't feeling 100% - and he had a doctor's note - why send him into a war?  Would the OHL rather see Yakupov's potential harmed in a freak accident in an exhibition game just to market the league with his acumen?  The answer to that question appears to be "yes."  Ridiculous from our perspective to suspend him, savvy move on Yakupov's part as he prepares for the most important event of his life: the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. (2/14/12)