Coho Still Seeking First Point

(3/6/12) After four games with his new team, rookie Cody Hodgson is still looking for his first point with the Sabres.  He was shut out again Monday, and so far he hasn't been able to take advantage of the top-six role in Buffalo.  

If you grabbed him in hopes that the increased opportunity would result in a surge in production, stay patient.  Hodgson is a young player who has developed slowly to this point in his career, and it's not surprising that he might need a little time to grow into the new situation.  With the Canucks, he was a third liner with no pressure to carry the team, but with the Sabres he's being asked to be a key contributor.

Eventually we expect Coho will settle in and reward fantasy owners.  For now, the smart move might be to bench him and wait for signs of life.