Video: Crosby Out Indefinitely, Symptoms Return

Standard Spin: It's our job to analyze the situation, but at this point all we want is the same thing all hockey fans want; to see the most exciting player to come along in a decade be able to resume his career normally. The short stretch where Crosby did return was pure joy to watch, and it's sad that such a great talent and genuinely nice guy isn't out there in the prime of his career.  As for the fantasy analysis, we can't tell you much you don't already know.  He's having symptoms again, there's no timetable for a return, and no doctor, no coach, not even Crosby himself, can tell you when he'll feel normal again.  All fantasy owners can do is get Crosby out of the lineup for this week, then buckle in for the usual never ending series of updates... (Dec.12)